pem charnley freelance journalist

I am an experienced freelance journalist based just outside Exeter in Devon. I can confidently and professionally meet editorial objectives and have excellent written skills gained through both training and experience with a variety of publications and editors.

For a time, I specialised in environmental issues but have recently begun writing on any topic that I feel deserves wider coverage. I am available for commissions and can be contacted via email or phone. Please see above.

I am also available for copywriting work, ensuring that a strong, clear message is delivered to your particular target audience, be it online or in print.

I have written for The BBC, LRQA, The Guardian, BLS Media, Practical Parenting, OneUp Magazine, FQ, The Western Daily Press and The Western Morning News.

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Work Samples - For further examples, please contact me.

The Guardian - Dead at 47: Homeless People are exposed to more than Cold

The Guardian - Homeless Candid Camera

The Guardian - Psychedelia and a Second Chance

The Guardian - The Vulnerable will always Pay the Price

The Guardian - Homelessness: See beyond the Beard

The Guardian - Are Wind Farms really a threat to National Security?

The Guardian - Technobile

The Guardian - Why I Love 80s Editions of Trivial Pursuit

Western Daily Press - Teen Drinkers on Road to Gin Lane

BBC Green - How Green is your Baby?

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) co-authoring with Dr Anne-Marie Warris the chapter of a book - Managing Climate Risk - discussing in detail the positives of the Voluntary Carbon Standard.

Western Morning News - Daddy, What did you Do?

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