4 Tips for Registering Organ Music Effectively

1. To get rid of stress, try taking a 20-minute “soundtrack”. Put some relaxing music on your stereo, and lie down in a comfortable position on the couch or on the floor near the speaker. For a deeper experience, you can wear headphones to concentrate and avoid distractions.

2. Choose slow music – slower than your natural heart rate which is about 72 beats per minute. Music with a repetitive or cyclical pattern is found to be effective in many people. 3. As the music plays, it overwhelms you, taking away the stress of the day. Focus on your breathing, make it deep, slow down and be regular. Focus on the silence between musical notes; it saves you from analyzing the music and makes the vacation perfect. 4. If you need motivation after a day at work, choose fast music over slow, fun music. 5. If you need motivation after a day’s work, choose fast music over upbeat music. 6. Walk around listening to your favorite music on the walkman. Inhale and exhale in time with music. Let fear drive you away. It’s a great anti-stress by combining exercise (walking fast), imagery and music.

Seven. Listening to sound appearance, such as waves of the sea or quiet of the forest, can reduce stress. Try to make 15 to twenty-twenty-twenty-two hours if you are on the water or a dirty wood. Otherwise, you can buy tapes of these sounds at most music stores.

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